How Tele-Medicine visits Works

  • A: Greenleaf Healthcare provides a convenient service that rapidly connects you with medical providers (Naturopathic physicians) via phone or skype for a virtual visit. The physician can offer a diagnosis, treatment and prescribe most medications if needed. This expedient service/visit may take the place of an in person urgent care or primary care visit, which can be done from the comfort of your location.
  • A: Schedule online at greenleafhealthcare.org send an email to support@greenleafhealthcare.org or call/text us at 206.359.0094 for questions and scheduling
  • A: The introductory price​ for a Greenleaf Healthcare mobile medicine house call is $150 per patient seen. This price includes a 30-45 minute evaluation, diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed.
  • A: Your credit card info will be obtained prior to starting the tele-medicine visit. We will place a hold on your card until the visit is complete. If you cancel the request at least 2 hours before the provider arrives, you will not be charged.
  • A: Service is available…Worldwide
  • A: Our tele-medicine service is available from 10am to 6 p.m., seven days a week; we are available outside these times 24/7 for additional fee
  • A: Yes​...we are out of network and also have a 95% reimbursement rate with most insurance carriers.
    Payment is due at the time of your visit​. Please note that you are responsible for the cost of the visit upfront and a comprehensive Superbill (based on service provided) will be submitted to your insurance. Full or partial reimbursement will be sent to you from your insurance provider (the exact time varies and amount of reimbursement depends on the coverage of your particular plan). Due to federal and state regulations, Greenleaf Healthcare tele-medicine is not allowed to accept Medicare and Medicaid and these visit costs are out of pocket...payment plans are possible
  • A: Patients of all ages may use Greenleaf Healthcare’s tele-medicine service.
  • A: If you have an acute/urgent need call our office and one of our physicians will be able to see you within an hour. Our goal is to have a provider consulting with you within 2 hours of making the appointment. A typical visit takes 30 minutes, although options for an extended consultation is available - 60 minutes.
  • How a ​Tele-Medicine​ call works:

  • A: We offer a full list of medical services and treat a variety of conditions. Greenleaf Healthcare mobile medicine does not replace emergency care. If this is an emergency, call 911.)
    Some of the services we offer:
    • Comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan
    • Prescription if needed (we can’t write narcotic prescriptions)
    • Referral for IV hydration services or IV Vitamin therapy (these are a separate fee)
    • Referral for Blood draws, lab work
    • Referral for Minor surgery such as wound evaluation/management and possible suturing (for superficial injuries)
    • Evaluations and referrals for imaging or further workup if needed
    • Other services as determined by the provider during the triage call
  • A: Licensed Naturopathic physicians provide services for Greenleaf Healthcare tele-medicine consultations.
  • A: Yes; If that provider is not available during the time you need our medical director will choose the physician best suited for you based on you reported symptoms.
  • A: A Naturopathic doctor is a board certified medical practitioner with a Doctorate degree. Advanced education in assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation of a broad range of medical conditions. As well as advanced clinical training in pharmacology, minor surgery, IV therapy, botanical medicine and other natural methods of healing.
  • A: A provider will speak with you prior to the visit. If the provider determines that a tele- medicine visit is not appropriate, he or she will direct you to the proper care. A brief triage workup is free, any extensive phone consultation over 15 minutes will start at $50.
  • A: If necessary, the provider will ask for your pharmacy information and call in any prescriptions. Narcotics can not be prescribed in a tele-medicine visit.
  • A: Our providers can write prescriptions and refills for certain medications. We do not provide refills for painkillers, narcotics or psychotropic drugs.
  • A: Providers will assess the need for lab/blood testing based on your symptoms. If blood work is recommended, your caregiver will provide you a referral as well as for any additional services you require, such as imaging.
  • A: The provider can refer you to a specialist.
  • A: Please email us at: support@greenleafhealthcare.org or call us at 206.359.0094
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