Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine emphasizes preventing disease, supporting the body’s inherent healing ability when ill, and treating the whole person. This system of care weaves modern science based treatments and centuries-old wisdom of successful natural therapies into effective healthcare solutions. Naturopathic medicine places the control back into your hands rather than giving your health up to someone else.
At Greenleaf Healthcare we support you in the process of transforming your body and mind. Envisioning yourself happy and vibrant is our desire as community healers and we’d be honored to walk that path with you.

Some of the Health Conditions Treatable by Naturopathic Medicine:

  • Sleep disorders/Fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Digestive disorders (IBS/UC/Crohn’s/CVS…)
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Injuries/Minor surgery procedures
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Cold and flu
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Integrative cancer care

What to Expect at a Naturopathic Medicine Visit

The first appointment with a Naturopathic doctor (ND) includes a thorough review of your health history, your health concerns and your lifestyle. The physician will work together with you to create a sustainable treatment plan that supports you on the path of wellness. In addressing your illness or efforts to optimize well-being, your Naturopath might prescribe:

  • Vitamin/mineral supplements
  • Herbal remedies
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Physical medicine (Thai massage)
  • Hydrotherapy treatments
  • Diet and nutrition change
  • Exercise and other lifestyle changes
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Oriental medicine
  • IV therapy

Nutrition consultations

Nutrition consultations at Greenleaf Healthcare can help you develop and maintain healthy dietary habits; as well as address a variety of digestive and/or eating issues for adults and children. We use a highly personalized approach to nutrition, learning about your food choices and health concerns; working together to evaluate goals and strategies for achieving those nutritional desires. Dietary recommendations will be tailored to your personal needs, encouraging an emphasis on a whole-food diet, bringing healthy nutrition in versus focusing on avoidance and helping you restore and attain optimum physical/mental functioning and performance.
Some of the conditions that a nutritional visit with Greenleaf Healthcare can address:

  • Food allergies
  • Digestive imbalance/Dysbiosis
  • Frequent illness
  • Weight management
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Diabetes and hypoglycemia
  • Fatigue/ Insomnia


The counselors at Greenleaf honor the opportunity to share sacred space with our patients, utilizing the interpersonal practice of mindfulness; along with sustainable techniques (such as biofeedback) to foster mental and emotional well-being.
The goal of our journey together is to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth, and the development of positive personal resources. We support the fostering of relationships that empower diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.
Counseling relationships will vary according to specific needs and at Greenleaf healthcare our therapists are experienced in supporting (Individual/Couple/Family):

  • Stress/Anxiety/PTSD
  • Addressing and resolving specific problems
  • Healthy decision making
  • Coping with crisis
  • Developing personal insights and knowledge
  • Working through feelings of inner conflict
  • Improving relationships with others
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