IV micronutrient therapy

IV micronutrient therapy includes: vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants being delivered directly into the bloodstream rather than absorbed through the digestive system. The benefit of this delivery is that nutrients are 100%bio-available for cellular uptake and utilized by the body for optimal health maintenance and healing.
IV micronutrient therapy is a blend of science and nature based treatments used for:

  • anti-aging therapy/skin rejuvenation
  • eliminating toxins
  • boost circulation and metabolism
  • increase energy, vitality, memory, and concentration
  • Support Immunity

Your treatment takes place within the ambiance of a relaxed environment; rest for 30 - 45 minutes in heated massaging recliners to the healing sounds of nature. After your session step back into your life with increased energy, clarity of mind and a sense of peace. Come experience your IV vitamin wellness today!

Specialized to meet your needs

  • Vitality IV-  Our flagship blend: Optimize energy, clarity and vigor… feel alive again!
  • Painease IV-  An effective and sustainable option for alleviating significant pain and inflammation
  • Balance the Center IV -  Diminish stress and tension in body and mind,...calm and positively present
  • Myer's Cocktail IV-  Essential nutrients for optimal well-being and restoration
  • Performance Athlete IV-  High performance nutrient therapy that boosts energy, supports hydration and reduces recovery time for post activity pain/inflammation.
  • Healthy Weight IV-  Specific formula of vitamins and minerals which enhance metabolism of fat, supporting healthy weight.
  • Rejuvenation IV-  Beauty formulation that tonifies hair, skin and nails. Enhancing the rejuvenation of the body
  • Optimal Immunity IV-  Optimizing the immune system for cold, flu, and allergy prevention
  • The Cleanse IV-  Refresh the body and mind with a deep removal of toxins
  • Hangover Remedy IV-  Enjoy the pleasure, avoid the pain; renewal and revitalization
  • Aphrodisiac IV-  Stimulate your libido...reignite the passion, in body and mind
** Specialized IV’s for asthma; pre/post operative support and adjunctive Cancer treatment available **

Membership rates/benefits:

Membership rates:

  • 1 month - $50
  • 3 months - $40
  • 6 months - $30
  • 1 year - $25

All membership benefits include:

  • One $99 IV drip each month
  • 20% off all subsequent IV drips, Boosters, & Shots
  • One free B-12 shot a month
  • 10% off Wellness products
  • 15% off for friends & family with a member
  • Complimentary birthday IV drip

Our IV prices: $160 for non-members, $128 for members

Our Vitamin shots: Boost your vitality, energy, and mood.

Health maintenance and seasonal treatments (B12/B complex/MIC/L-Carnitine); Vitamin D3; CoQ10

Prices $30 for non-members, $24 for members

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