Dr. Maggie Fox

Dr Maggie Fox started her life long interest with Natural Medicine in the early 80’s. She began by using Homeopathic medicine to work on her own ailments as well as those of her friends and family.

With two grown children and a number of successful careers under her belt Maggie left Chicago to travel over 2,000 miles to Seattle, to attend Bastyr University’s Naturopathic program to add to her knowledge and experience of natural medicine. Her medical wisdom has matured and transformed over the years to keep up with the constantly evolving world of medicine, and she is now ready to serve you.

Maggie has accomplished many things over her lifetime, raising two wonderful children being her proudest, traveling to all fifty states, and her long and successful career as a woman in the film industry. Her love of photography and nature have influenced her as a healer, and many of the pictures on the website are her own work, and feature her friends and family.

Now she has many more things that she would like to accomplish. Maggie wants to visit all the national parks, travel to different countries and learn their unique healing techniques, and most importantly, help as many people reach their health goals as she can.

Health is about choices, and each day we make many choices that support or challenge our well being. With determination, focus, and optimism Maggie supports her clients by showing them the options they have and the road they can take that will lead them to optimal health.

With a lifetime of knowledge, and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Maggie is dedicated to helping you create a path that will lead you to your goals.

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